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I side-eye the hell out of “female sex-positive” men.



Like a lot of them claim to be down with anti-slut shaming and stuff, but then when they get one whiff of a girl abstaining from sex for whatever personal reason they jump down her throat and pull that “sex is natural and a biological function” card or say she’s repressing herself. I’ve even seen other so-called sex-positive women take some really insensitive stances when it comes down to what a woman wants to do with her sex life, such as telling girls that don’t masturbate that they’re going to develop all these bullshit health problems.

Newsflash: You are shaming another person into feeling they should masturbate when they obviously don’t want to.

They all fail to realize that a person’s sexuality shouldn’t be determined by what makes other people happy. 

Basically they’ll shit on you if they think your choices regarding sex are too “prude” for them to support.

They’re right up there with the Nice Guys (TM) on my list of secret assholes. 

Abstaining from sex =/= sex negative. It’s a personal choice and it’s none of anyone else’s fucking business how a person decides to act on their sexuality in any way as long as it’s not hurting or oppressing anyone. How is that so hard to get?

They can get on the list with the “I like girls who don’t wear makeup” assholes. Making any sort of feminism about you, Mr. White Heterosexual Cis Man, isn’t true feminism.



  • a man can be femme if he damn well wants, regardless of his dsab
  • a woman can be butch if she damn well wants, regardless of her dsab
  • nonbinary folks can be as butch or femme as they damn well want, regardless of their dsab

Any person can:

  • be butch
  • be femme
  • be androgynous
  • genderfuck
  • participate in drag
  • present in ways that are deemed “acceptable” for their gender by cissexist fucks
  • present in ways that are deemed “unacceptable” for their gender by cissexist fucks
  • define the words that are appropriate for their own body (some clits are six inches long, some cocks are just a couple centimeters long if that - deal with it)
  • change any part of their own body however the fuck they want as often as they want (minus culturally appropriative shit or outright oppressive shit - appropriative body mods and racist tattoos aren’t okay no matter who you are)
  • have whatever fucking gender(s) they want (or no gender at all)
  • define their gender and presentation in whatever way they want
  • consensually fuck people with whatever gender(s) they want as long (or not fuck anyone at all)
  • define their sexuality (or lack thereof) however the fuck they want, even if there are occasionally or frequently exceptions to their identified preference
  • have an identity that is as fluid or static as they like
  • disclose or withhold their gender or sexual identity and history as they see fit
  • disclose or withhold information about their body and its history as they see fit as long (as long as withholding that information isn’t a direct physical harm to others)
  • decide for themselves whether or not their gender and sexuality is inherent or “born that way”
  • do any or all of these things at any time, for any reason, regardless of dsab

Why is this so fucking hard? I’m done with binarist, homophobic Trans 101 bullshit that completely misses the mark and just reinforces cissexism.

Fuck your identity policing, fuck your binaries, fuck your bullshit anatomy diagrams trying to tell me the cis-correct words for my own fucking body.

I define my own reality. I define my own body. I define my own identity. Fuck any motherfucker who tries getting in my way of that ever again.

idk what dsab is (maybe someone could explain to me?) but this is an AWESOME post.

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The Mind Is Limitless: One last book that I think really explores consent: ›


Fire by Kristin Cashore.

I really think that book explores and discusses why consent matters, and why it is so important. Everyone WANTS Fire, but just because she is desirable, doesn’t mean she desires them back.

Its important that she has agency in that, and that she…

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rebloggable by request

Laci Green is kind of my hero



rebloggable by request

Laci Green is kind of my hero

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Whoohoo! This week’s image design homework!


Whoohoo! This week’s image design homework!

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Romance and Sex Questions in an Airport [ 

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fucking brilliant

Teacher fired for having appeared in a porn video several years ago ›

OH THAT’S FUNNY, I thought we lived in a country with individual rights. But no. This women was fucking fired from her TEACHING job because she was in a porn video before. We can’t get enough teachers to fucking teach because our school system is a piece of shit, and yet we’re firing people for what they do outside of work.!?!?

How the fuck is this school allowed to discriminate like that.!? This means if someone is in on porn video, it can prevent them from getting a job for the rest of their lives. WTF. Porn is legal. YOU CAN BE BARRED FROM EVERY HOLDING A JOB BECAUSE YOU DID SOMETHING LEGAL. WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF FUCKMEINTHEASSWITHACHAINSAWAMERICA. Fuck this country. Fuck the politicians who allow this to happen. Fuck those who discriminate against porn stars or anyone else who does whatever the fuck they want outside of work.

FUCK. What the fuck.

I just think that people are so weird about nudity and the human body. Sex is not bad, naked bodies are not bad and naked bodies don’t always have to be connected to sex.

Emily Browning  

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Sasha Grey <3


Sasha Grey <3

Sex education should focus not just on the mechanics of heterosexual sex and how to keep it safe – important as these are – but on varieties of sex. Sex between girls, sex between boys; the importance of enthusiastic consent – in effect, discussion of how to have good sex rather than just safe sex. The fact that girls as well as boys enjoy sexual activity is important to emphasise. I’ll never forget overhearing a conversation on a bus where a boy was asking a female friend of mine, both around 18, why girls masturbated. That alone demonstrates to me the need for better education.

[Abstinence-only sex ed curricula] rely on offensive, sexist stereotypes about men and women, boys and girls, as a foundational teaching tool and pass it off as “biology.” They portray “real” boys as unable to control themselves, unemotional (particularly about sex), not interested in female desire or sexual satisfaction, not ultimately responsible for their own sexual feelings (which are portrayed as dependent on how girls chose to tempt them) and definitely heterosexual. Girls, on the other hand, are shown as controlling monitors of aggressive male sexuality. In classic Madonna/whore manner, girls, despite being chaste objects of male desire and not “naturally” interested in having sex, are portrayed as temptresses that need to control what they wear and the messages they send. Also heterosexual, they are definitely not capable of managing their own reproductive lives.


I decide
not younot society 


I decide

not you
not society 

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5 Sex Myths Debunked ›

Learn it!

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