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White Privilege 

As promised, here is my video about white privilege.

I worked hard writing the script. I am not the best at editing — so I apologize for some random cuts, and, if you cannot read the text because of the font color, tell me. Also — some of the audio is not in sync. I’m sorry about that, but I tried everything and it wouldn’t fix itself. 

Thank you for watching this if you do. (: I’ll be doing many other videos on privilege. 


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I’m not anti-American. I’m anti-getting fucked over, and America just happens to fuck me over a lot.

THIS is what Obama has done so far. ›

What a great website. And what a great slap in the face to republicans, conservatives, tea-party crazies, and general Obamahaters. Maybe if you didn’t focus on the bad and only the bad, you might see the good.

Starbucks CEO asks everyone to NOT donate to Congressional Campaigns. ›

This is perfect. This is what we need more of. Organized, powerful movements to show the Government who they’re fucking with. I don’t think it will work, but I wish it would. Fuck you congress. NO money should be spent on these stupid campaigns. People should be elected based on exactly what they believe and what they plan to do.

If only.

Conservative Critics Don't Think Rapper Common Should Perform At White House ›

Aren’t we in America? Don’t we SUPPORT criticism of the government? That is how we keep the government in check, by exercising our free speech to offer opinion, insight, and hopefully influence.

That being said, why should a rapper/poet not be allowed to perform at the White House? Conservatives say that his lyrics are too offensive towards the bush administration… well if liberals are not allowed to criticize conservatives, then conservatives should not be allowed to criticize liberals: Ban Fox News.

There is nothing wrong with Common performing at the White House. He’s a promoter of peace, just like so many other rappers. Grumpy Republicans, chill.