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If you wont offer abortions, YOU’RE NOT A DOCTOR. simple.

150 Doctors Protest Hospital’s Decision To Stop Offering Abortions -

I just saw a Facebook post in which a person who survived colon cancer thanked modern science instead of a god. It warms my heart and gives me hope for society. :)

A man who assisted in autopsies in a big urban hospital, starting in the mid-1950s, describes the many deaths from botched abortions that he saw. “The deaths stopped overnight in 1973.” He never saw another in the 18 years before he retired. “That,” he says, “ought to tell people something about keeping abortion legal.”

“The Way It Was” — Mother Jones Magazine — Abortion before Roe v. Wade. (via deltumbles)

read this article, it’s 100% incredible.

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I am not joking when I say that women used to try ridiculous things to miscarry— drinking turpentine, purposefully falling down stairs, starving, purging, taking poisons, etc. It doesn’t matter what the reasons were— they were serious enough to do things like this.

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