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Corporations are not people.



Corporations are not people.


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Ah, the good ol’ free market.


Big Pharma gets rich when you get sick. Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical corporation in the U.S., plead guilty in 2009 to the largest health care fraud in U.S. history, receiving the largest criminal penalty ever for illegally marketing four of its drugs. It was Pfizer’s fourth such case. As if Pfizer’s massive use of animal experimentation wasn’t heart wrenching enough, Pfizer decided to use Nigerian children as guinea pigs. In 1996, Pfizer traveled to Kano, Nigeria to try out an experimental antibiotic on third-world diseases such as measles, cholera, and bacterial meningitis. They gave trovafloxacin to approximately 200 children. Dozens of them died in the experiment, while many others developed mental and physical deformities. According to the EPA, Pfizer can also proudly claim to be among the top ten companies in America causing the most air pollution.

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If more company leaders followed this example of selflessness instead of being so fucking greedy the economy wouldn’t be so shitty. I mean really, just how much money do you really need to have.

This dude is fucking awesome. \m/

is there an article on this or something?

It’s true. He actually cut his pay down to $90,000 not $100,000.

So here’s the thing - it used to be that in corporations you had to do show some significant improvement in your company before you could get a raise or a bonus or any such thing. Now you can just say what you’re going to do, get the money, and bail - no harm no foul. I respect this man, because he is legitimately trying to run a business - for the good of everyone involved (employees, shareholders, consumers, and himself) and not just looking to scam everyone involved. Thank you, sir.

I don’t hate people with more money that me. I hate people with more money than me who acquire that money by harming those they are supposed to be looking out for. It’s simple, really. 

What a boss, literally.

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Perfection. The Poverty of Philosophy by Immortal Technique.

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