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How the House Republican budget hurts kids. 


How the House Republican budget hurts kids. 

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916 Anti-Women Bills Introduced By The GOP Since March 2011 ›




The GOP would have you believe there’s no war on women after they started the war on women. The first opportunity they had to deflect attention away was when Hilary Rosen, off the top of her head, made the comment that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life. We all know what she meant but it gave the right ammunition to turn it into the war on moms. Just so we’re clear, there is no war on moms. That’s just plain malarkey and everyone, including Republicans know it.

The Guttmacher Group compiled fascinating research, proving without a doubt, the war on women in America is indeed real. Since taking over the House in 2010, Republicans have introduced 916 anti-women Bills related to reproductive rights.

Some of these Bills include:

Mandated pre-abortion ultrasounds.

Revised sex education laws to require schools districts to provide abstinence-only sex education.

57 measures that would restrict abortions in all insurance plans.

Full list here.

Perhaps most astonishing is the fact that Republican women are so lost in their own delusions, fear and racism that they don’t get they are voting against their own best interests. Much like a battered woman defends a physically abusive relationship.

It’s Romney’s War on Women now, and he’s got the YouTube Problem to prove it. In only one of hundreds of video-bytes of Romney discussing the rights he will take away from women, below is the Right-Wing Extremist Mittster expressing his absolute support for a Constitutional amendment to override Roe v. Wade — with the extra added bonus of expressing his absolute support for “Personhood” amendments that would outlaw some forms of birth control and could send women to prison for the crime of miscarriage.

Huckabilly: Would you have supported a Constitutional amendment that would have established life at conception?

Romney: Absolutely.


Holy shit.

*And not just cis women

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Top 10 Immigration Myths and Facts



  1. MYTH - Immigrants don’t pay taxes
    All immigrants pay taxes, whether income, property, sales, or other. As far as income tax payments go, sources vary in their accounts, but a range of studies find that immigrants pay between $90 and $140 billion a year in federal, state, and local taxes. Even undocumented immigrants pay income taxes, as evidenced by the Social Security Administration’s “suspense file” (taxes that cannot be matched to workers’ names and social security numbers), which grew $20 billion between 1990 and 1998.
    National Academy of Sciences, Cato Institute, Urban Institute, Social Security Administration

  2. MYTH - Immigrants come here to take welfare
    Immigrants come to work and reunite with family members. Immigrant labor force participation is consistently higher than native-born, and immigrant workers make up a larger share of the U.S. labor force (12.4%) than they do the U.S. population (11.5%). Moreover, the ratio between immigrant use of public benefits and the amount of taxes they pay is consistently favorable to the U.S., unless the “study” was undertaken by an anti-immigrant group. In one estimate, immigrants earn about $240 billion a year, pay about $90 billion a year in taxes, and use about $5 billion in public benefits. In another cut of the data, immigrant tax payments total $20 to $30 billion more than the amount of government services they use.
    American Immigration Lawyers Association, Urban Institute

  3. MYTH - Immigrants send all their money back to their home countries
    In addition to the consumer spending of immigrant households, immigrants and their businesses contribute $162 billion in tax revenue to U.S. federal, state, and local governments. While it is true that immigrants remit billions of dollars a year to their home countries, this is one of the most targeted and effective forms of direct foreign investment.
    Cato Institute, Inter-American Development Bank

  4. MYTH - Immigrants take jobs and opportunity away from Americans
    The largest wave of immigration to the U.S. since the early 1900s coincided with our lowest national unemployment rate and fastest economic growth. Immigrant entrepreneurs create jobs for U.S. and foreign workers, and foreign-born students allow many U.S. graduate programs to keep their doors open. While there has been no comprehensive study done of immigrant-owned businesses, we have countless examples: in Silicon Valley, companies begun by Chinese and Indian immigrants generated more than $19.5 billion in sales and nearly 73,000 jobs in 2000.
    Brookings Institution

  5. MYTH - Immigrants are a drain on the U.S. economy
    During the 1990s, half of all new workers were foreign-born, filling gaps left by native-born workers in both the high- and low-skill ends of the spectrum. Immigrants fill jobs in key sectors, start their own businesses, and contribute to a thriving economy. The net benefit of immigration to the U.S. is nearly $10 billion annually. As Alan Greenspan points out, 70% of immigrants arrive in prime working age. That means we haven’t spent a penny on their education, yet they are transplanted into our workforce and will contribute $500 billion toward our social security system over the next 20 years.
    National Academy of Sciences, Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University, Federal Reserve

  6. MYTH  - Immigrants don’t want to learn English or become Americans
    Within ten years of arrival, more than 75% of immigrants speak English well; moreover, demand for English classes at the adult level far exceeds supply. Greater than 33% of immigrants are naturalized citizens; given increased immigration in the 1990s, this figure will rise as more legal permanent residents become eligible for naturalization in the coming years.              U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services)

  7. MYTH - Today’s immigrants are different than those of 100 years ago
    The percentage of the U.S. population that is foreign-born now stands at 11.5%; in the early 20th century it was approximately 15%. Similar to accusations about today’s immigrants, those of 100 years ago initially often settled in mono-ethnic neighborhoods, spoke their native languages, and built up newspapers and businesses that catered to their fellow émigrés. They also experienced the same types of discrimination that today’s immigrants face, and integrated within American culture at a similar rate. If we view history objectively, we remember that every new wave of immigrants has been met with suspicion and doubt and yet, ultimately, every past wave of immigrants has been vindicated and saluted.
    U.S. Census Bureau

  8. MYTH - Most immigrants cross the border illegally
    Around 75% have legal permanent (immigrant) visas; of the 25% that are undocumented, 40% overstayed temporary (nonimmigrant) visas.
    INS Statistical Yearbook

  9. MYTH - Weak U.S. border enforcement has lead to high undocumented immigration
    From 1986 to 1998, the Border Patrol’s budget increased sixfold and the number of agents stationed on our southwest border doubled to 8,500. The Border Patrol also toughened its enforcement strategy, heavily fortifying typical urban entry points and pushing migrants into dangerous desert areas, in hopes of deterring crossings. Instead, the undocumented immigrant population doubled in that timeframe, to 8 million— despite the legalization of nearly 3 million immigrants after the enactment of the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. Insufficient legal avenues for immigrants to enter the U.S., compared with the number of jobs available to them, have created this current conundrum.
    Cato Institute

  10. MYTH - The war on terrorism can be won through immigration restrictions
    No security expert since September 11th, 2001 has said that restrictive immigration measures would have prevented the terrorist attacks—instead, they key is good use of good intelligence. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were here on legal visas. Since 9/11, the myriad of measures targeting immigrants in the name of national security have netted no terrorism prosecutions. In fact, several of these measures could have the opposite effect and actually make us less safe, as targeted communities of immigrants are afraid to come forward with information.
    Newspaper articles, various security experts, and think tanks

I want to print this and carry it around with me.

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"What Conservatives say they want is “Small Government”.


What they are working on this year is Government that prohibits you from using contraception, that forcibly collects your urine, hair and blood, and that puts you in prison or deports you if it does not like the speeches you attend.  This stuff is happening all over, all the time now.  This is what Conservative Government is like this year.  It sort of seems to me that this ought to be a bigger National Story.”

~ Rachel Maddow

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Yeah, silly Sue!


Yeah, silly Sue!

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HAHAHAHAHA. so true.

HAHAHAHAHA. so true.

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The Purity Myth.

If you’re a female this should concern and frighten you in a big way.

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This is the president of Berkeley College Republicans.


Before I read the words, I looked at this guy and just had this urge to punch him in the face.

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Because the Congress never passed that jobs bill. Remember that? The one we were supposed to get if we voted the GOP into power? Yeah. I haven’t forgotten yet. All I want is a (good) jobs bill. I’ll even accept an acceptable jobs bill. Is that too much? Can abortion debate, SOPA, PIPA, NDAA, and Keystone XL, wait until then? How come you have time for all this other cool shit, but there’s no time to draft a working jobs bill? How come y’all can have a pro forma meeting, but you can’t discuss a jobs bill there so that you can work on it when the full Congress gets back to work? I … I don’t even know.


Because the Congress never passed that jobs bill. Remember that? The one we were supposed to get if we voted the GOP into power? Yeah. I haven’t forgotten yet. All I want is a (good) jobs bill. I’ll even accept an acceptable jobs bill. Is that too much? Can abortion debate, SOPA, PIPA, NDAA, and Keystone XL, wait until then? How come you have time for all this other cool shit, but there’s no time to draft a working jobs bill? How come y’all can have a pro forma meeting, but you can’t discuss a jobs bill there so that you can work on it when the full Congress gets back to work? I … I don’t even know.

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when right-wing rhetoric meets reality ..


when right-wing rhetoric meets reality ..

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If hunger is a problem in America, then why do we have an obesity problem among the people who we say have a hunger program?

Rick Santorum, pledging to significantly reduce federal funding for food stamps, arguing that the nation’s increasing obesity rates render the program unnecessary (via sleeplessinsouthie)

eclecticspectrum: *blank stare*

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If food stamps worked at Trader Joes and Whole Foods then maybe we’d see different results? I mean I had a friend who used her moms ebt to buy snacks at the bodega and like, that was awesome for me, but her family cant live off of gum and honey buns. 

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I..I..I just..refuse.

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The things they (republicans) are saying keep getting more and more ridiculous. Only it’s not ridiculous because they are striking a chord with a huge number of their flock. That’s what’s ridiculous. And scary. People who cross my path everyday believe this shit and they don’t wear signs so I don’t know who to smack.

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The fucked up thing is that food stamps do work at most (if not all) grocery stores now. But the prices at places like Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s are too high especially when you consider the average food stamp allotment is less than a $100 a month per person.

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This is what happens when millionaires run our country…

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Silly Republicans ›


“1944 or Today? Henry Wallace on American Fascism”


“1944 or Today? Henry Wallace on American Fascism”

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