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If more company leaders followed this example of selflessness instead of being so fucking greedy the economy wouldn’t be so shitty. I mean really, just how much money do you really need to have.

This dude is fucking awesome. \m/

is there an article on this or something?

It’s true. He actually cut his pay down to $90,000 not $100,000.

So here’s the thing - it used to be that in corporations you had to do show some significant improvement in your company before you could get a raise or a bonus or any such thing. Now you can just say what you’re going to do, get the money, and bail - no harm no foul. I respect this man, because he is legitimately trying to run a business - for the good of everyone involved (employees, shareholders, consumers, and himself) and not just looking to scam everyone involved. Thank you, sir.

I don’t hate people with more money that me. I hate people with more money than me who acquire that money by harming those they are supposed to be looking out for. It’s simple, really. 

What a boss, literally.

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