• Dating the boy you like
  • Having sex because she likes having sex
  • Going on dates with people whom she has no intention of calling again/dating exclusively
  • Wearing clothes that show her cleavage
  • Flirting


  • Soliciting sexual acts for currency, and although that fits the definition of “whore” that’s still a derogatory term and you should probably stop using it because it sets back the feminist movement several decades and the preferred term is ‘sex worker’ and please get over your internalized misogyny, why do we keep having this discussion.


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Here’s a relevant one from 1935.

I hate when people call the unemployed “lazy.” Seriously?? Most salary workers work 34253452x harder than these fuckin’ rich people who sit up in their fancy offices all day. they ain’t fuckin’ lazy; fuck you.


Here’s a relevant one from 1935.

I hate when people call the unemployed “lazy.” Seriously?? Most salary workers work 34253452x harder than these fuckin’ rich people who sit up in their fancy offices all day. they ain’t fuckin’ lazy; fuck you.

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Religion Needs To Be Eradicated From Government


“Our gods are dead. Ancient Klingon warriors slew them a millenia ago. They were…more trouble than they were worth.”  - Lt. Cmdr Worf

The annual Christmas whine fest has begun. This is in addition to the regularly scheduled whining that believers engage in about being “persecuted in the United States.” The cry from the Christian camp about “The War Against Christmas!” has officially begun. And, of course, us evil, heathen, baby-eating, godless hordes of devil-worshipping atheists are the ones trying to steal Christmas. It is rumored that we are getting financed by Al Qaeda, and the Teamsters Union is working the docks for us, making sure all the Christmas trees, wreathes and garland we steal is boxed up and shipped out to Mexico, where it is used to decorate the inside of taxi cabs. 

Cries to “Keep Christ In Christmas!” are being bellowed from the mouths of preachers, pastors and other pulpiteers as Christmas approaches.  But, when you consider the “data” that is in the bible with regard to the activities of the shepherds who got drunk and started hallucinating, their Christ doesn’t even belong in Christmas. Even if Jesus existed (not), he would have been born in the early spring.  They are unable to cope with this cognitive dissonance, so they dismiss it with a Swansonesque (Sunset Boulevard is still one of my favorite movies) sweep of their hand and happily claim that the day he was born “doesn’t matter.

Sure, why not, right? As long as they can still bitch about cussing, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, marijuana, secular music, Harry Potter, those pesky gays and naked people in general, what’s a little double standard among brothers and sisters? Gotta have priorities, right?

You STOLE Fizzy Lifting Drinks!

It’s very common knowledge that the Christian church has stolen almost every major Pagan holiday, and it is quite ironic that they accuse atheists of stealing Christmas. That’s kind of like calling the cops to report the theft of something you stole.

Easter? Well, considering that Easter was named after Oestre, a Saxon goddess of fertility and of the dawn and spring, Christ has no place in this holiday, either. I wonder, though, would the fact that the word estrogen is derived from her name make Jesus gay?  After all, he rejected women and spent all his time hanging out with other men, and was heavily promoted by the Apostle Paul, who was obviously gay, as well. I won’t even comment about King Saul and Jonathan…

But I digress…

Thanksgiving? Nope, not a religious holiday, either. Neither is Valentine’s Day, and no matter how much believers like to think that the United States was founded as a Christian nation, Independence Day is not a religious holiday, either.

Down With Holidays!

Where our Government is concerned, I vote that there should be no religiously named holidays.  We can keep Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Years Day, etc., but I propose we rename Christmas and Easter “Winter Holiday,” and “Spring Holiday,” allowing time off for everyone without the religious connection to government.

The words “Merry Christmas” should appear nowhere on government buildings or publications.

There should be no “official Christmas tree,” and, for the record, it is illegal to put up a nativity scene anywhere on public property.

We Are Devo…

When narrow-minded, ignorant, archaic draconian dogma and doctrine are infused into government; it only furthers our devolution and promotes a Christian revisionist history that actually weakens our Nation.

We’ve got politicians running for office because they believe God told them to, and their stump speeches sound more and more like sermons every day.  Throw in a couple of snakes and a tambourine-wielding believer or two and you’ve got a genuine revival on your hands.

It’s disheartening, really. Pathetic, even, that a vast majority of United States citizens are blinded to how advanced we could be in the sciences, medicine, economic growth and foreign policy if religion were completely eradicated from government in all forms.

The stranglehold that religion has in our government continues to hold us back from curing a plethora of major diseases because the godbotherers in our legislative branch are under the utterly ridiculous notion that stem cells are on par with living, breathing, sentient human beings.

Our country is going broke fighting “just wars.

Our children are dumbed-down by stubborn uber-religious teachers and administrators in our public schools who insist on “teaching the controversy” (read: lying to our kids), and by the ease at which parents can home-school their kids without any accountability with regard to curriculum, testing or attendance.

I won’t even go into the glaringly unconstitutionality of “Faith Based Initiatives” and school voucher programs, or the fact that there are still many states where corporal punishment is still being practiced, all the way through high-school

Do Your Damn Job!

The job of government is hotly debated by Conservatives, Liberals and everyone in between.  In fact, my personal political views vary from one end of this spectrum to another, depending on the topic and data at hand.  But one thing is for sure.  Religion gets in the way of governing. It divides, stymies, cause dissent, wastes time, money and resources.

The United States Government has no business invoking any god, gods, goddesses or anything else even remotely connected to religious belief. Our government is not in place to placate anyone’s religious beliefs, period. There should be no references to the religious beliefs of our politicians.  In fact, the religious beliefs of our politicians should be kept private.

There should be no reference to God in our Pledge, on our money, on or in our government buildings, as part of any State Constitution, in our public schools (except as lessons in mythology), in our national motto and especially at the start of legislative/municipal meetings.

There should be no references to Christian Apologetics (Creationism), the supplication to the Christian gods (Prayer), the theocratic regulation of human sexuality (those pesky gays again), what a woman does with her vagina and/or uterus (Abortion) or the use of naturally growing flora (Marijuana).

In fact, Congress shouldn’t make any laws respecting an establishment of religion.

Wait, that’s already a law…


One day I must engage in conversation with this man. ~ Kim

^so much relevancy. I am all for Winter Holiday and Spring Holiday. :)

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Norman Borlaug

Well I know of you now, Norman Borlaug, you champ.


Norman Borlaug

Well I know of you now, Norman Borlaug, you champ.

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“1944 or Today? Henry Wallace on American Fascism”


“1944 or Today? Henry Wallace on American Fascism”

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